Martina C. Fuchs

Martina C. Fuchs MD, PHD


Dr. Martina Fuchs founded Real Medicine Enterprises (RME) in September 2018, adding it as a social enterprise and social impact investment arm to expand Real Medicine’s global reach for capacity building and empowerment beyond its humanitarian entity, Real Medicine Foundation (RMF). One of RME’s signature components is an online platform, providing sustainable eLearning solutions around the globe.

Martina founded RMF following her experience supporting the Indian Ocean Tsunami relief efforts in Sri Lanka in early 2005. Creating an approach of constant innovation and local empowerment, she led RMF to grow into a global powerhouse that expanded into 25 countries with 70+ initiatives, impacting a target population of 17+ million people and being at the forefront of a paradigm shift in humanitarian aid and development.

During her travels around the world and navigating the humanitarian landscape, she noticed the power of local empowerment and capacity building to achieve independence for communities in emerging markets and developing countries, one major factor in Liberating Human Potential being access to learning and education.

She also met thousands of children who had to flee their countries and life as they knew it because of disasters, conflict and war. Often, their biggest longing was to learn and to go to school again. RME Learning uses its revenue to provide free education solutions for children and youth around the world.

Martina is a pediatrician and holds a PhD in pediatric psychiatry from Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn. She trained in Germany and globally, including a fellowship in pediatric intensive care at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Martina is passionate about global affairs and communications, among many other things, and has been part of the entertainment industry when her time allows, including hosting the TV series Guardian Angels, MD on Discovery Inc’s TLC. She was also honored with Lifetime’s Remarkable Woman award.